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Sep 27, 2010 7:00pm PDT
the recent chinese dispute over the senkako islands. >> mr. kan has dealt with this issue in a very statesman-like fashion. >> u.s. assistant secretary of state campbell made the statement in new york on monday. he said it shows the system of following a diplomatic response. tensions remained high even after japan released the captain of a chinese fishing boat. china disputes japan's sovereignty over the islands and demanded that japan apologize and compensate for the incident. prime minister kan rejected the demand. >>> the japanese prime minister said he is thinking of attending the asia/europe meeting in belgium next week. kan said asean leaders will be it at the meeting next week and thinks japan should be represented. >>> kan would meet leaders through bilateral talks on the sidelines of the two-day meeting starting on monday. he would sdplan there is no territorial dispute over the islands. chinese president hu jintao is also scheduled to attend. >>> the minister summoned chinese ambassador yonghua on monday. he requested that chinese diplomats be allowed to continue to see the detainee
Sep 24, 2010 7:00pm PDT
the captain of a chinese fishing boat. he was arrested on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an inspection in japanese territorial waters. the captain will be handed over to japanese immigration authorities and then sent back to china. the 41-year-old chinese captain was arrested on september 7th after his trawler collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands in the east china sea. >> the prosecutor cited that given an impact on the japanese public and future relations with china they decided it is not appropriate to detain the captain any longer. they said the captain will be released after proceedings are completed. japan's chief cabinet secretary says the government understands the decision taken by prosecutors. the government received a report from the naha district public prosecutors office that the decision was in line with japan's criminal laws. >> he said prime minister naoto kan was informed of the decision through his secretaries and that china was informed through diplomatic channels after the prosecutors announced the decision. sengoku said the standoff threatene
Sep 20, 2010 7:30pm PDT
from the chinese consulate to say a few words, because we couldn't have done this without the partnership of the chinese government as well. >> honor mayor newscom, president of the commission, ladies and gentlemen, and of course honorable mr. juan, whan. it is my good pleasure to join us in the dedication ceremony of the three hands-six arms. on this occasion i would like to thank the mayor and his colleagues for the great efforts to promote the chinese culture, and thanks to the san francisco arts commission for providing us with this opportunity to enjoy this buhl art work and to celebrate the sister city relationship between shanghai and san francisco. san francisco is well-known for it's cultural diversity, and it has always a long-standing and profound friendship with the chinese people. the former mayor, diane feinstein proclaimed the inception of the sister-city relationship between the two cities. and thanks to the concerted efforts after these 30 years. this relationship has achieved remarkable and substantial rulls. there have been 225 projects of cooperation be
Sep 4, 2010 6:15pm EDT
'm with the executive intelligence review. i wonder if any of you take seriously the objections from some chinese, some russians, and some south korean academics and others to the evidence presented by the international committee. it sounds like you do not. do any of you take that seriously? whether you do or do not, how do you answer those who say the evidence was inadequate to make the conclusion? >> bob, can you make a comment? >> the first thing i would say is, if not north korea, who? i know there is a lot of conspiracy theory out there, particularly in south korea. they may have the highest percentage of conspiracy theorists' per capita in the world. [laughter] some of these are quite ridiculous. one theory is that the united states and how did this to shape japan's basing policy for the u.s. marines there. there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. if we took this to the courts -- that is the only way we could do it without eyewitnesses. that is the crux of many of these complaints. if you have no eyewitness, how can you be sure? in this case, we really do not need to have an eyewitness. if we j
Sep 10, 2010 9:00pm PDT
, have struggled with the chinese/american relationship. it's just a tough one to deal with, and often it comes up very early in the administrations. why is that the case, randy? what makes it such a big uh, contentious relationship? >> well, i think it relates to the uncertainty of china's trajectory. uh, the questions still remain, ultimately, will china be more friend than ally, or more uh, adversary? and some of those questions are just not answerable. and i think, secondly, it relates to the complexity of the relationship. there's so much to it. so, there are positive aspects-- the trade and the economics are often viewed as more positive-- and then there are more challenging issues; security, human rights, non-proliferation. so i think it's those two pillars, really; the uncertainty of china's trajectory and the complexity of the relationship. >> david? >> well, i think one of the reasons you tend to have problems early on-- reagan had problems, and then george bush, the first, had tiananmen, uh, then george w. bush had the incident with the airplane on hainan island in 2001. >>
Sep 26, 2010 11:00am EDT
to be a player at that's... >>> in chinese culture, dance is used to express personal emotions and feelings. so it's no surprise that the girls we're about to meet have a special connection to dance and to each other. nicole has the story. ♪ >> reporter: no, these girls are not performing in beijing. chinese folk dance is actually becoming increasingly popular right here in the u.s. but this group of girls is dancing for a special reason. >> we're all like each other we're all connected. >> all the girls in this class were born in china and adopted by american families. >> well, i think it's a really supportive environment for us because you know that there are other girls that are kind of going through the same thing because we're all adopted. so you've known these girls for a really long time and you know that you can trust them with your, like, secrets. >> i want them to be proud that they're chinese, and you know now that they are also chinese-american, i don't want them to lose that. >> they're going to get questions like how come -- are you from china? how come your par
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm PDT
, the chinese premiere demanded the captain's immediate release criticizing japan for what he ca the fisherman was arreste after he rammed his trawler into ja vessels in the east china sea. it happened off the senkaku islands which are a part of okinawa an are claimed by china and taiwan. chinese premier wen jiabao renewed th t skipper's release when he met with chinese students studying in the united states.cha' state agency quoted him as saying they are his nation's territory. the arrest has anger cne . he vowed that china would take further action if japan does not comply with its demand. this is the first time that the chinesere h commented onhe incident. china has canceled top level talks with japan that were t kelan the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly in new york. japan's chief cabinet officer sengoku says japan and china ould hold talks to resolve the issue. speaking on wednesday, sengoku stressed that the government needs to follow due process in addressing the issue under japanese law but look into the future, he said. it's important to address the issue based on the understand
Sep 29, 2010 7:00pm PDT
and chinese officials. the two countries agreed to expand dialogue and deepen military cooperation. they'll hold working-level talks in hawaii in mid october. a vice ministerial meeting -- or vice ministerial-level meeting is scheduled later this year in washington. the two sides had recently started to improve bilateral relations. u.s. president barack obama met chinese premier wen jiabao in new york last week. they confirmed the need to deepen economic and security ties. >>> a former deputy secretary-general of the main governing democratic party is now in china in a bid to repair the frayed ties between japan and china. relations soured after japanese authorities detained the captain of a chinese fishing boat that had collided with japan coast guard patrol ships earlier this month. the incident occurred near japan's senkaku islands, which are also claimed by chinese, or china-k and taiwan. japanese prosecutors released the captain last saturday. goshi hosono arrived in beijing on wednesday. party sources say he's believed to be talking with chinese officials and will return to japan t
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm PDT
environment for our progress. >>> the japan coast guard is questioning the captain of a chinese fishing boat who is suspected of atempting to obstruct an inspection in japanese er territorial wate. the coast guard says the captain admitted its boat hit its patrol ships. coast guard officials arrested the 41-year-old chinese captain on wednesday morning. they say the collision involving his trawler happened on tuesday off the senkaku islands in the east china sea. the coast guard says the trawler was operating in japanese waters. it also says the fishing boat ignored a warning to stop and collided with two patrol ships as it fled. the fishing boat eventually stopped outside japanese waters. coast guard officials boarded it to question the crew. investigators are asking the captain about his motives. they believe he intentionally rammed his boat into the patrol ships to obstruct the inspection. the senkaku islands are claimed by japan, china and taiwan. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands, and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to
Sep 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
explain that there is no territorial dispute over the senkaku islands. chinese premier, wen jiabao is also scheduled to attend the meeting. but the japanese government thinks bilateral talks with china would not be possible. china reacted strongly to the maritime collision, even after japan leased allhe crew meers. japan's cabinet, chief cabinet secretary, yoshito sengoku, says japan has confirmed the presence of two chinese fishery patrol boats in waters near the senkaku islands since last friday. yoshito sengoku is demanding that the boats leave the area. yoshito sengoku told reporters on monday that the ships were spotted near japan's territorial waters in the east china sea. he said six japan coast guard boats have been kiss patched to the area, to insure that the chinese ships do not enter japanese waters. >> translator: we've already warned china four times to stop taking such action. we wonder why the country won't simply stop doing such things. >> yoshito sengoku reiterated that the islands are japanese territory and this is acknowledged historically internationally. he said japan'
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm PDT
'm catherine kobayashi with your updates. >>> the japan coast guard has arrested the captain of a chinese fishing boat on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an inspection i japanese territorial waters. the 41-year-old chinese captain was arrested early on wednesday morning after his trawler collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands off the east china sea tuesday. coast guard officials say the trawler was operating in japanese waters. they also say the fishing boat ignored a warning to stop and collided with the two patrol ships as it fled. the fishing boat eventually stopped outside japanese waters and coast guard officials boarded the trawler to question its crew. the officialsoncluded that the captain intentionally rammed his boat into e of the patrol ships to obstruct the inspection. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands, and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to halt operations. the senkaku islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. >>> now responding to the ship collision, the japanese foreign minist
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm PDT
or interpreted the signals wrong. so all these things will happen. there are 100,000 chinese now studying in the united states of america. there's about 0,000 meshes studying in china. you know there are 300 million people learning to speak english? >> rose: 300 million people in china? >> in china. there are people learning to speak chinese also, but small numbers. also growing number, but still rather small. the point is, america really does not understand china well enough. >> rose: we continue this evening with a look at mongolia and a conversation with its prime minister, sukhbaatar batbold. >> this is a good time and especially with given strength and advantages we have like rich mineral resources and strong neighbor... china is a market and opportunity and is emerging market i think with this tree sort of big advantages, mongolia s got a strong possibility to develop and now we have the challenge and especially for my government we have a coalition government and how do we deal with these advantages and also the certain difficulties or challenges which might come from the mineral d
Sep 17, 2010 3:30pm PDT
chinese seniors are never going to be able to use the computer or the internet. >> a lot of the barrier is knowledge. people don't know that these computers are available to them, plus they don't know what is useful. >> there are so many businesses in the bay area that are constantly retiring their computer equipment that's perfectly good for home use. computers and internet access are helping everybody in the community and people who don't have it can come to us to help with that. one of the biggest problems we see isn't whether people can get computers through programs like ours, but whether they can understand why they need a computer. really the biggest issue we are facing today is helping people understand the value of having a computer. >> immediately they would say can i afford a computer? i don't speak any english. how do i use it. then they will start to learn how to do email or how to go back to chinese newspaper to read all the chinese newspaper. >> a lot of the barrier still is around lack of knowledge or confusion or intimidation and not having people in their peer network
Sep 7, 2010 5:30am PDT
. that is not true of only asian cultures. when i grew up, it was japanese against chinese against koreans. we did not even know why we were fighting. it was because that was what we learned growing up from our parents. i think the greatest thing that our generation has achieved is that we now call each other asian americans, and we see each other as kindred cousin saw. the recent incidents of violence involving asian and african americans in the two fatal assaults involving elderly asian-american victims allegedly committed by african-american youths has raised the question of whether the growing interracial tensions in cities like san francisco and oakland are partly to blame. i think most of us hope that the election of president obama would transcend the racial divide. however, even if this divide were somehow overcome, it would not address the racial divide amongst minorities in this country. the reality is that the same prejudice that exists between blacks and whites exist between asians, latinos, and african- americans. the thing of it is that we share so much in common. african-americans a
Sep 20, 2010 6:00am PDT
level for over 25 years since he was 5 years old. he has worked with the chinese hospital and the chinese community health care association to create the nation's first and only bilingual and culturally competent health class. he also spearheaded the creation of the chinese community health resource center, which today serves over 30,000 san franciscans. he currently serves on the san francisco health commission, which he has served for over 20 years, where he has been a staunch advocate of our community, requiring culturally competent programs, rebuilding lebanon hospital, san francisco general hospital, and encouraging support for the hepatitis b three program. he was quoted in today's "new york times" for his advocacy to that program. one of the first individuals are asked to come to my office to greet me was none other than this gentleman here, and i also want to remake a quick conversation i had with my mother recently. i told her i was going to present an award to the good doctor, and she asked me -- "i guess it is too late for you to good medical school?" [laughter]
Sep 3, 2010 7:00pm PDT
in the same year. another first was the summit meeting with the chinese leader outside the capital in beijing. >> the first footage was broadcast by china's state-run tv network on august 30th, after he wrapped up his five-day visit. kim went to a junior high school attended by his late father, kim il sung. the next day kim moved to the provisional capital where he had a long meeting with the chinese president, hu jintao. chinese media reported that president hu reiterated the need to resume the stalled six-party talks on north korea's nuclear program. they reported that kim said that his staff of seeking a nuclear free peninsula remains unchanged, and he expressed hope for an early resumption of the talks. there is speculation that kim held talks with chinese officials ahead of a meeting of north korea's ruling workers party with his third son may be deemed his successor. it is not clear, however, if kim jong un accompanied his father to china. >> we're now joined by our beijing correspondent. what significance did kim's visit have for china and north korea? >> the official reason for the vi
Sep 21, 2010 7:00pm PDT
planned between japan and china have been suspended over the recent collision between a chinese fishing boat and japan coast guard patrol vessels. a chinese trawler captain was arrested after the incident near the senkaku islands off okinawa in japanese territorial waters. the islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. a japanese court decided on sunday to extend the captain's detention by ten days. following this move,preparatory international conference in shenyang liaoning province has also been suspended. think tanks from japan and south korea had planned to discuss free trade agreements next monday. sources say the chinese organizer requested the postponement last week, citing the collision incident as the reason. >>> a forum to discuss economic policies on the environment scheduled for next sunday in beijing has also been delayed. representatives from governments and companies of the two countries had planned to take part. sources say the chinese government made the decision to postpone the meeting. on tuesday china's foreign ministry spokesperson, jiang yu, said japan bears re
Sep 28, 2010 7:00pm PDT
in english and also chinese. >> [speaking chinese] >> we are not happy about the cuts to the chinese bilingual teacher. it is not fair to have additional cutting, loss of a teacher, and a loss of other resources. >> [speaking chinieese] >> at the end, i would say i feel like we are being punished because we are being good. it is not fair to us that we have to pay for everything by ourselves. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. i would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here. i am speaking on behalf of bayview community and thurgood marshall academic high school. first of all, i would like to thank dr. patricia gray for supporting us parents of thurgood marshall high school, for hearing our voices and the voices of our children, the children in the bayview area. we would like to thank you for working with our principal, who is doing an excellent job as our leader. we would like to thank you for the positions that were restored and not lost. we would like to thank you on behalf of our student body, staff, and parents. but we have a request, and our request is that if any ad
Sep 13, 2010 7:00pm PDT
against last week's arrest of the chinese of a trawler that collided with japanese patrol boats in japanese territorial waters. the activists are also demanding the release of the captain and that japan allow taiwanese to fish near the islands. like china, taiwan also claims territorial rights over the islands. the japanese coast guard is enforcing tight security in the area, deploying patrol vessels and aircraft. the japanese government set up a crisis management team in the prime minister's official residence on tuesday to monitor the protest boat. the team is collecting information about the boat and coordinating ministries and agencies concerned. >>> one of the crew of a chinese trawler we were just mentioning has denounced japan for detang them. they were arrested or released after questioning and an investigation of the collision in japan's territorial waters near the islands. >>> china's state-run central television reported monday night that the 14 crew members returned to china earlier in the day. the ship's captain is still in custody in japan. the tv report said the j
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm PDT
'm catherine kobayashi. ufj plans to invest in a chinese company to launch a full scale asset management business in china. sources say mitsubishi ufj trust and the hang high based swwg asset company agreed that the japanese bank will purchase 33% of the chinese company's shares for about $100 million. mitsubishi is negotiating details of the plan with china's financial authorities. the chinese company is mainly managing personal assets of about 1.5 billion. mitsubishi ufg trust says individual investment will increase as china's economy grows sharply. the japanese bank is also predicting strong interest from institutional investors in areas such as pension investments. restrictions on foreign investment in the asset management business are easing in china. mitsubishi ufg trust is the first bank to invest in an asset-management company in china. >>> infectiousisease experts are calling for antibiotics for the mdm-1 gene which is recent to most antibacterial drugs. the ndm-1 infection case was reported by a hospital linked to doakio medical university in tochigi prefecture north of tokyo.
Sep 7, 2010 7:00pm PDT
has arrested the captain of a chinese fishing boat on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an inspection in japanese territorial waters. the 41-year-old chinese captain was arrested early on wednesday morning after his trawler collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands in the east china sea on tuesday. coast guard officials say the trawler was operating in japanese waters. they also say the fishing boat ignored a warning to stop and collided with the two patrol ships as it fled. the fishing boat eventually stopped outside japanese waters and coast guard officials boarded the trawler to question its crew. the officials concluded that the captain intentionally rammed his boat into one of the patrol ships to obstruct the inspection. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to halt operations. the senkaku islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. the japanese foreign ministry summoned a senior official of the chinese embassy to the foreign ministry on tuesday
Sep 21, 2010 5:30am PDT
attorney said. he is an honorary asian american. his son goes to the chinese american school right here in friday. i was just thinking today. not only of the challenges that we face, but the challenges that our ancestors have faced in the fast. it was only 130 years ago that the san francisco board of supervisors passed a law that outlawed wooden launledriss. it just so happened that all of them were owned by chinese. one landryman was an immigrant and spoke little english, but he decided to challenge that law. he lost before the board of supervisors. he lost in front of the superior court. he lost in front of the court of appeal. he kealed all the way to the california supreme court and lost there. he went to the court of last resort, and that was the united states supreme court. he had the courage, the stamina and the belief to bring his case all the way to the united states supreme court, and he won. his name was yip wo. pluzz >> if there is any one thing we can learn from his example, it is that we have to stand up for what we believe, and that is what he did. of course we have an e
Sep 8, 2010 10:00pm PDT
't already have a chinese name, most of them go down to the department of elections where they are given one to put on the ballot. most. but not all. >> eric smith just got a democratic party endorsement for enter advisor in direct 10 as-is the custom in this city, the majority of which is chinese, he has chosen a chinese name to go on his ballot next to his english name. some of his friends were even couraging him to go a different direction to make up a chinese name. >> my name is actually a -- >> reporter: the candidate has chosen a chinese game that represents the common last name of lee plus the words fair and just. >> it means fair, just and with the surname lee which is a very common chinese name, which i am told to netticly sounds like michael nava so our decision was to go for something that sounded like my name but also conveyed something about the qualities that people would want in a judge. >> legally, i guess it's okay, but ethically, probably not. i don't think i would do it. >> it is apparently legal and common place. state senator leland lee introduced a bill as -- now fair a
Sep 30, 2010 12:30am PDT
and high unemployment rate. nancy pelosi said that 1 million american jobs could be created if the chinese government took its thumb off of the scales, as she put it, instead of giving chinese imports an unfair advantage over american goods. i think this is a demonstration of how far lawmakers want to be seen to be prepared to go to avoid a trouncing in november. they want to be seen to be doing their best to protect american interests. >> is this likely to have any effect on the currency exchange rate between the dollar and the oyuan? >> there is no sureties the president will assign this into law. the white house is keen to avoid a punitive trade war with china, particularly while the global economy is fragile. there is no guarantee it will have an effect on china even if it goes into law. president obama met with the chinese prime minister in new york last week at which this issue was at the top of the agenda. after that, there was no sign chinese policy was going to change. there is no guarantee it will have any impact on china if this measure goes ahead. >> any impact on diplomatic re
Sep 8, 2010 11:00pm PDT
approach to appealing to chinese american voters. a name change on the november ballot. but some are questioning whether it should be legal. >>> and not just your imagination, what's making drivers this one west coast city really slow down. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. >> one after another, cars turned into twisted metal. >> and i said to myself "if he is going to stop" it was amazing, i never seen anything like that before in my life and i'm still in shock. >> 13 vehicle crash started with a single dump truck that lost control in oakland. itself happened as that truck exited 580 at the off ramp. kiet do talked with the driver at the wheel. >> reporter: for a few moments the driver of this dump truck thought this hall would be his last. did you think you were gonna die. >> i was ready for it. >> reporter: tony who didn't want to give his last name was headed eastbound carrying a load of dirt when he says his breaks gave up out third party top of the hill. >> all i did was screamed oh god from the time i figured this out to the bottom of this hill. at the top o
Sep 10, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. economists say the trend may increase international calls for a revaluation of the chinese yuan. chinese customs authorities announced the exports in august were up more than 34% from a year earlier to nearly $140 billion. imports rose to $120 billion. leaving a trade surplus of less than $20 billion. the chinese government has been criticized for its monetary policy of maintaining a low exchange rate for its currency to boost exports. >> the japanese government has expressed concern that the economy is facing growing downward pressure because of the yen strength and falling stock prices. but it has left its overall economic assessment unchanged. the government said in its monthly economic report released friday that the economy was picking up and pointed to signs of a self-sustaining recovery. it said both capital spending and personal consumption recovered, adding na the unusually hot summer and a subsidy program for purchases of ecofriendly cars pushed up sales of air conditioners and vehicles. but the government noted that the pace of export growth stalled in part because of sluggish
Sep 20, 2010 11:00am PDT
into spanish and chinese, and then to look at the characters, making sure that you phrase it properly, that people understand what you are saying. it is not so simple. you also have to do with the comprehension levels of our residents. so those are just some of our obligations. i would be happy to answer any questions you have. >> thank you. colleagues, any questions? two quick comments. i think the city administrator's job, on the 311 side, your office, has been responsive in the past couple months to the information we have received around the city on language access, crime victims. i wantb!t to thank you for implementing the community ambassadors program and moving forward on translation. the one thing i would ask you to think about is how your office can not only situations, but work with the apartments to push them to provide ongoing information6in non-crisis situations. the police department, for example, we continue to hear every week from a chinese -- from chinese, spanish-speaking residents, hoping that they would have more information presented to them. if your office could
Sep 6, 2010 3:00pm PDT
before violence against chinese victims. in my opinion, since i have lived in the city for 50 years, chinese victims have long been overlooked as muni victims. i think it is only proper to make the suggestion, if we are going to support this item, maybe we should consider having a hearing to let chinese victims of muni violence get a chance to say their peace. in regards to increasing penalties, i would suggest we have more publicity for police protection of witnesses. i feel chinese victims had been hampered in the past because many chinese-speaking witness says have not had the opportunity to know, if they speak out to report crimes on the muni, they will be protected by the police. in addition to increasing the penalties, maybe we should have a section where witnesses of the pilots are given more information as to what is available to protect them as they speak out against the perpetrators. lastly, in regards to this item, if we are going to increase penalties, we need to increase advertisements in newspapers. maybe the newspaper should have a section dedicated to climb up on mun
Sep 27, 2010 11:30pm PDT
of social work in the chinese community. i knew they could -- they do good things such as support scholarship. again, i propose -- i oppose this proposal. >> i work in downtown san francisco. my daughter is very healthy. we need to do something about, the unfairness of the legislation. why do we have to cost single out the restaurant of the house of a lawyer -- the restaurant that has a toy. they tried to do something good for society, and if we penalize them, they will go to another place that will be much worse. >> to you lived in san francisco? >> i am speaking of personal experience. >> thank you the reagan >> i want to -- thank you. >> i want to point out the relationship with the toy, because how often do you go to mcdonald's sued by a soaring -- mcdonald to buy a toy? the second thing is, when they offer you the toy -- compared to other things, the proportion of the happy meal may not have such a huge impact and. having an alternative choice is more important compared to other restaurants they do not have another choice. any restaurant provides the toys for the kids. that i
Sep 6, 2010 6:30pm PDT
well known brands. so why do chinese companies still lack international recognition >>we hit the road in the sham, the new domestic car shaking up the auto sector in syria >>the market is expanding and this is good and we think we still have margins for more expansion >>and could stockbrokers become a thing of the past? we look at the rise of completely automated trading. >>now it's almost like the movie terminator, you've got a lot of machines in a room and they're making trading decisions, >> abirached: hello and welcome. i'm raya abirached and this is world business, your weekly insightinto the global business trends shaping our lives. china has just overtaken japan to become the world's second largest economy and is still growing at a blistering rate. but few chinese brands are well known internationally and domestic consumers aspire to foreign products. however that could be starting to change. >>reporter: the factory floor at one of china's best known clothing companies that few abroad have ever heard of. >>reporter: inner mongolia's erdos cashmere is 30 years old. powered by a
Sep 26, 2010 6:30am PDT
hill and protesting outside chinese embassy. north rean refugees living in their country. members of the human rights commissi hosted a hearing on the topic. they heard firsthand the horrors of women sold into the sex trade. it would allow the united states to place economic sanctions on the country. >> 90 percent of the women who flee north korea fall victims to traffickers and chinese government doenothing about it. it is the chinese government's ruthless policy of repay trioting that makes them so vulnerable. >> hopefly when president obama meets with the leaders, particularly china, he will raise this iss. this administration has lost its voice. it is silent. nuclear issuesare important but human rights for the people of north korea is particularly important, too. >> china also returns refugees to north korea where they face imprisonmentnd even ath. joining us is kim, a group that helps rescue refugees, especially the victims of sex trafficking. mr. kim, how big is this problem? >> in china there is about 100,000 to 400,0 refugeesin china right now. among 80 percent is north k
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
to provide -- to bring chinese in does not make sense. >> americans were disgruntled. the memorial will be erected by the chinese. >> the human rights violations have smacked in the face of what dr. king stood for. >> a skilled chinese sculptor was selected to carve a grand. a sculpting team was planning over to -- planning to come over come up but one analyst said it is an accepted to have foreigners doing the work. >> with such high unemployment in america, we don't need to hire anyone from outside the country. >> the union says the federal government should be prioritizing americans for every job right now. they have asked secretary clinton to the nine chinese workers there visas. >> they are more than qualified. they are willing to come to work and have the privilege to work on the monument. >> we reached out to the project for a statement but they did not provide us with one. >> a beautiful day today. >> exceptionally dry. if you have been watching the weather and straight through you are entitled to say i am obsessive compulsive about this dew point and humidity. it is like b
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